Crimson PVP Forum

PreArranged Staff Application.


1.    What is your name (Last, First)?

-Daniel Ramirez

2.    What is your in-game username?

- prearranged

3.    How old are you?

- 16

4.    What time zone do you live in?

- NA, Pacific Time

5.    Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?

- No, but I do know some spanish, not the whole language.

6.    Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server?

- No I haven't

7.    At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?

- 10

8.    How many hours will you spent on this server?

- 6 to 8 hours

`9.    What past experience do you have at being a staff member?`

- I have both Owned and have been Admin and Mod of a Faction/Survival server, so I know how to

deal/get along with the community and how to use proper commands. For me;myself I get along with

everyone, I have good personality. When it comes to getting the job done I take it with pride and

attitude. By this I mean I care for what I do, and being in these positions, everyone looks up to you

and I believe I am a great leader. I have been staffing for servers for about 2+ years now so I believe

I know what I am doing.

10.    What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them?

- Honestly, I got a younger brother myself and he is annoying as all hell, but for me

I just tried my best to keep a chill, keep my cool and eventually he would stop annoying you.

11.    Are you able to record?

- Yes, I have OBS

12.    Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?

- For this server, I believe it has a lot coming in the future, especially for how good it is even though its

new, this server kinda reminds me of my own server that I used to have. I feel like this server out of every

other server that ive scimmed threw seems to fit me best, I know not many people are on, but I will be able

to fix that no problem. I do also like the staff of the server.

13.    Why should we accept your application over others?

- Because I am my own person, I am not like other people, some people just apply just for a role and

some attention and power, me, myself, I believe I rule over applications because I staff as passion, I love to

do it people love me, I love the people. Everybody love everybody. I do feel like I am more active than

others, usually people are on for only a couple of hours, if you need me for how much time, I will be on,

unless there is a urgent emergency or a misplan I will still be on the server, no matter how many players are on.

14.    How many applications have you made before?

- For other servers? Only about 5, I got accepted for all of them.

15.    Any additional information?

- I am a professional graphics designer.